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Pier 4 Phase 2 and 3

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Bracing Installation Starts
Excavation Progresses

Location: Boston, MA
General Contractor: Turner Construction Company

Project Description: The Pier 4 Project involved excavation for offices and condominiums within the narrow confines of historically filled wharf protruding into Boston Harbor. A slurry wall was installed to create a new subsurface garage and also act as perimeter lateral earth support. The existing dredged fill, and granite blocks extended to depths of 30ft and required controlled removal prior to slurry wall work. The removal of this deep material required innovative and cost efficient methods, as developed by AA Will. The excavation itself was also complicated by the soft and varied soils, which required 2 levels of bracing. Finally, the unusually long and narrow site required close coordination with the GC and other subs to keep everyone working together efficiently.

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View from Subgrade
On the Waterfront


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